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Green Technology Cluster

The NRW cluster policy

Clusters are regional and interregional networks in which companies, research facilities, political and non-profit institutions cooperate all along the value chain. The cluster policy of North Rhine-Westphalia's government aims to "strengthen strengths", supporting such partnerships in 16 different industries and technological fields.

The environmental technology industry

The GreenTech industry has become one of the global key industries in recent years. Its global market volume amounted to EUR 1,400 billion in 2007, and this is expected to rise to EUR 3,100 billion by 2020. Among the German federal states, NRW is one of strongest in the field of environmental technology. Already today it is home to 250,000 jobs in the industry. The companies in NRW have placed their focus on the forward-looking markets of resource and energy efficiency. In the water sector, NRW has always been a leader. NRW offers outstanding location advantages in terms of demand, availability of trained human resources and infrastructure.

The goals

The environmental technology cluster Umwelttechnologien.NRW works under the auspices of North Rhine-Westphalia's Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection (www.mkulnv.nrw.de). The cluster pursues the central goal of continuing to improve NRW's already prominent position in the GreenTech industry. It has set itself the following guiding objectives: 


  • Improve competitiveness and create high-quality and innovative jobs
  • Sensitize the international market for environmental technologies from NRW
  • Promote integrated environmental protection as an alternative to after-care approaches
  • Build up the identity of environmental technology as an industry
  • Raise the state's profile in the industry


The cluster management team will initiate activities and projects to realize these goals and preside over their implementation through to completion.


The fields

The cluster's focus will be on integrated, preventive technologies, services and products in the following fields:


  • Water and waste water
  • Waste disposal
  • Clean air
  • Soil decontamination
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Resource efficiency


Main topics

1. Increasing innovativeness
Directly promoting technologies and developing good ideas to get them market-ready are the focus of the cluster's activities. We will start project partnerships and promote the networking of research, companies and investors. We aim to fully tap the potential for innovation.


2. Creating an identity
We offer a state-wide platform for the more than 3,500 companies in NRW's GreenTech sector and bring together players from all the different technological fields and along the value chain. The basis for this platform is a joint database with companies and research institutes. In addition we offer centralized events aimed at specific target groups.


3. Promoting internationalization
We will help the companies in NRW to further improve their competitiveness in other countries. Professionally marketing the cluster on international markets will be a key component. Supporting promising internationalization projects is also a focus of our work

Our team

The Umwelttechnologien.NRW cluster management team is made up of an interdisciplinary group of consultants, scientists, environmental engineers and communication experts. The cluster manager is Dr. Herbst (Grontmij GmbH) supported by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. The consortium also includes the Fraunhofer Institut ISI and IKU GmbH.


Download the cluster management's information leaflet here.


The Project Office is at your disposal should you have any questions.


Cluster management contact

Dr. Heinrich Herbst


Cluster Umwelttechnologien.NRW
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Tel: +49 (221) 57402-735
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